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You're contagious

You're happy? Always a smile on your lips? Keep it up! You will influence your surroundings with your mind and make a little bit more cheerful. Or by being less meat, as researcher Sibel Elker and her colleague from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria have found out.

Her study shows that the more vegis there are, the more positive people's attitudes towards a meatless lifestyle become. To put it more complicated: social norms have a big influence on how people feed themselves. There is no point in educating people about the harmfulness of meat consumption. Broccoli can only be found by eating it with pleasure in front of friends and acquaintances. And laughs as if there were no tomorrow. That's how you infect them. With a vegan joke. According to the study, young people in particular are receptive to this automatism.

So facts are not responsible for people changing their behavior. It is you. With your wild determination to show everyone how good the renunciation of meat is. The model developed by Sibel Elker and her team can also be used to bring other sustainability issues closer to people. To simplify the mass of data and complicated considerations in the study. You are contagious. The more convinced you are and the more normal you behave, the more. Leave your moral index finger in your pocket and hold up your carrot. That was a joke. Laugh!





Photo by Jasmin Schreiber


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