Veenity for Business (EN)

Why you should be part of it as a producer or reseller

Veenity is concerned with the future of nutrition. We are convinced that the future will be more sustainable, healthier and plantier. Veenity offers you a platform to introduce yourself, your brand and your products, or simply your webshop or shop. Become a part of this exciting and promising development.





Present yourself and your products

At Veenity you can present all your products in an attractive and exciting way and link them to your brand. People will know who you are, what is important to you and what you offer for great products.


Link your brand with interested people

Veenity offers you a platform through which you can connect your brand and your products with people who are interested in these types of products. These people can be future end customers, influencers or even potential business partners for you.


Show what can be prepared with your products

Combine your products with exciting recipes and preparation suggestions and show the people on Veenity what they can do with your products. Recipes are inspiring and the best way to attract new customers to your product. Especially through the innovative way of linking with your products.


Build your own community

At Veenity we offer interested people the opportunity to follow your brand and your products. This gives you the opportunity to directly provide existing or future customers with information and great offers.


Test new products and gain insights

Veenity offers you the opportunity to introduce and test new products within an interested community. For this purpose we have created the Veenity Tasting Box. We will send your products to selected members of the Veenity community on your behalf. In return you will receive valuable opinions and results.


We support you with your campaigns

Veenity can help you make your brand and products better known. We offer you selected and tailor-made services in the areas of communication, marketing and content production.


Tell the people where they can buy your products

For each product you can specify who and from whom interested buyers can purchase your products. In this way you can offer your business partners (retail, eCommerce, wholesalers, etc.) a great service.


We are independent and transparent

We don't do anything with your data that you don't want and that you didn't agree to. The contacts to your followers belong to you and you can dispose of them. Even if you want to delete your profile with us.


Connect your own online presence with Veenity

Download the official Veenity Icon Set and link your website to your brand profile on Veenity. This will motivate people to join your community through Veenity and as described above: Unlike the well-known social media channels, your data belongs to you.


What do I have to do now?



First step: Register now

Click on the button "Register" in the upper right corner, then you will get to the registration form. There is a special form for you as a company. This appears when you click on "Are you a company" at the bottom of the registration form. Now enter the name of your company, your e-mail address (not your personal, but that of your company) and a password that is as secure as possible (and please not one that you have already stored on another platform).

Within a very short time you should find an e-mail from us in your mailbox. This serves to verify your e-mail address. If no e-mail arrives in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If there is nothing there, there is a possibility that something went wrong. In this case, please fill out the form again.

And big sorry that Veenity is (at the moment) only in German and French. We are working hard to offer you this plattform in English soon. If you need support, please drop a line to:













Second step: Capture the information about your company

If you now click on the button in the email, you will be automatically logged in to Veenity and you will be taken directly to the settings for your Veenity Business profile. There you will have the opportunity to tell a bit about your company. The more you fill in, the better you can introduce yourself to the Veenity community. And please don't forget to upload a picture of your logo. This will increase the recognizability many times over.

In addition to the general information about your company, you also have the option of uploading pictures of yourself, your team, your products or your favourite whatever. Under contact details you can decide for yourself whether you want to enter and display a personal contact. And under Invite friend, you can write to all your contacts and inform them that you are now also represented on Veenity.



If you need help or have any questions, write to and our Community Managers will be happy to assist you.


I want to be part of it.